Good Design
byMohri Suzuki
Day-to-day calendar 2023, 365 days


Day-to-day calendar,
365 days
Designed to experience Japanese calligraphy through writing

Welcome a new Kanji character every day, 365 days a year.
In the Japanese language, a single character may hold several meanings, usages and intentions. Throughout our day-to-day life, we encounter Kanji characters and explore their spirit.

Designed to facilitate the experience of Japanese calligraphy, Koyomi is a day-to-day calendar presenting Kanji characters by a master calligrapher. Introducing the meaning and stroke order of each character with space to practice, Koyomi instills the spirit of harmony within us and offers an enriching moment of focus, leaving the outside world behind.


Mohri Suzuki
Koyomi Designer

Born in 1984 in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. Graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Calligraphy Department of Daito Bunka University. Chair of Hakujitsukyo, a studio and training space in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. Youngest consecutive winner of the Mainichi Art Award, the highest award at the Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition, one of the four most prestigious calligraphy expositions in the world.

In the spirit of 心正則筆正 ("If the mind is correct, the brush will be correct"), Mohri respects not only the technique of the brush but also the ideal state of the mind.


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