Day-to-Day Calendar Blank

Day-to-Day Calendar Blank

This day-to-day calendar allows you to write your own dates and experience writing Kanji characters at your own pace.

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148mm x 105mm x 47mm
495 g
[Paper] Paper: Graffiti CoC Natural 70kg (65% or more waste paper pulp) Backing paper: Kihougami U-FS deep rough 255kg  Wrapping paper: High-quality paper 55kg  Box: Ace Gold 310kg Box: Ace Ball Black 310kg
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Day-to-day calendar, 365 days
Designed to experience Japanese calligraphy through writing
Good Design Award 2022

Welcome a new Kanji character every day, 365 days a year. In the Japanese language, a single character may hold several meanings, usages and intentions. Throughout our day-to-day life, we encounter Kanji characters and explore their spirit.

Koyomi is a day-to-day calendar designed to facilitate the experience of Japanese calligraphy. Compared to the Western aesthetic of appreciation, the Japanese aesthetic is rooted in functionalism and the practical beauty of Zen. Koyomi is a day-to-day calendar presenting Kanji characters by a master calligrapher. Introducing the meaning and stroke order of each character with space to practice, Koyomi instills the spirit of harmony within us and offers an enriching moment of focus, leaving the outside world behind.

Today, we rarely have the opportunity to write by hand. We invite you to handwrite a character by simply following an example while focusing on your breathing, the sensation in your hand, the shape of the character and the feel of the brush. Not only will you discover the joy of handwriting, you will also understand the spirit of the Kanji character by handwriting it instead of only looking at it."

An exceptional gift of experiencing the Japanese aesthetic

The cover of the special box is in the image of a Japanese screen, with the circle in the middle representing human beings and the four surrounding circles representing nature throughout the seasons which comprise the Japanese calendar. This design is an expression of the harmony between human society and nature, while the five rings symbolize the five continents and convey the message that the ties we see in the world are interconnected.

Offered as a souvenir from Japan or as a gift to a close friend, this calendar will allow both the sender and receiver to experience the Japanese aesthetic. Parents can also enjoy this calendar with their children, as the meaning and stroke order of each Kanji character are explained.

This calendar is printed on environmentally responsible FSC-certified paper. The appearance, feel and coloring of the characters have been carefully selected, with the high quality production taking place entirely in Japan.

"How can we make traditional Japanese calligraphy more accessible and allow people to enjoy it in their daily life? Can we make something that transmits the Japanese spirit to the rest of the world?"

These were the questions that inspired Koyomi, the fruition of a collaboration between calligrapher Mohri Suzuki, PAPER PEAK PRODUCTION and FRAX TOKYO.

Based on our raison d'être, "Transmitting timeless value," we offer exceptional items and ideas from Japan to the world. Manifesting universal value through creative methods, we employ diverse approaches to our activities, which transcend genres and categories.
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